"I was walking through the food court with my daughter and saw Patrizio talking to another gentleman. What caught my attention was that they were signing. I have been wanting to learn sign language for years. In high school, my friends and I taught ourselves the alphabet, and would secretly sign to each other in class instead of passing notes.

My youngest was born tongue-tied and unable to talk. He had an operation and we started using simple signs to talk to him through therapy. The therapist did not have hope that he would talk, so they were preparing to get him a talking computer. Through challenging work, he started to sign, then make sounds, then words, and by the age of four, he could talk. My two youngest children also had auditory issues making them unable to hear in one ear. This rekindled my pursuit for learning sign language. After they attended a camp for the deaf, I tried to enroll them in a local sign language course, but there were not enough people to hold a class and my course was cancelled. I tried this several times with the same results. I have been interested in ASL for an exceptionally long time.

So, back at the mall, I took a deep breath and told my daughter that “I am going to go over and ask if they know where I could learn the language”? I am so happy I did. As it turned out Patrizio was a sign language instructor. We talked through text about my interest in the language. We exchanged emails and he invited me to a free online workshop held on Sundays that he teaches. I took him up on the invite and am sooooo happy I did. It was all and more that I hoped for. I enrolled in the weekly classes and look forward to them. I started online and my classes eventually moved to in-person. I now have classmates from across Ontario and Canada. It is harder than I thought but with the support of others we all are having an enjoyable time. It is not just using your hands but your whole-body gestures and facial expressions. I feel like I am doing charades at times but that makes it even more fun.

Patrizio is such an understanding and patient teacher; he is such a knowable person and very enthusiastic at what he does, which makes learning all the easier to learn. Over the past 40 + years of wanting to learn ASL, and nothing out there to really help I am so pleased that I keep experimenting with it in high school and using it with my own children and now I finally am learning this wonderful language and culture, from a man who is so intense about it. Now I have a new Teacher Fiorella who is completely Deaf and just as enthusiastic. Patrizio and his brother Alessandro are taking this culture to everyone through Palm Sign Language, and I am glad to be part of it all."


ASL Student

"Through a friend I met Alessandro from Palm Sign Language, we easily fell into conversation, and he told me about himself, his work involving sign language, and his involvement in the Deaf Community. Years ago, I had taken a self- interest course in sign language with the idea it would help in my communication for my work as a paramedic, it did come in handy several times, but my signing was limited.

Later using what I had learned, I taught my infant grandchildren to communicate with me, some of the signs they still know to this day. I indicated to Alessandro I would be interested in taking an American Sign Language course and shortly thereafter I was enrolled. My class size is small as are all of them, and all students are encouraged and supported, and we celebrate our successes. Not only do I have a regular class with a Certified ASL Instructor, Patrizio, who is Deaf from birth, but we also meet via Zoom once a week to practice and learn more about the Deaf Culture and carry-on day-to-day conversations in ASL.

Patrizio is an incredibly supportive instructor with a good sense of humour, he encourages questions and is patient when demonstrating proper hand shape, palm orientation, movement, and facial gestures. In speaking with friends and family about my interest in ASL, we discussed the value of learning sign language and how it could be a valuable communication tool as we age. I look forward to introducing others to ASL."

Susan Wood

Retired Deputy Chief, Paramedic

"Recently I had the joy of starting my ASL learning journey with Fiorella. She was highly recommended by Palm Sign Language. I have known Alessandro, a friend, and an owner of Palm Sign Language for approx. 30 years, and he is a gracious professional teacher himself with deep integrity and lifelong ties to the Deaf and ASL community and a mission to expand people's horizons to foster positive connections.

Alessandro recommended Fiorella. She is an absolute gem...professional, thorough, patient, determined and inspiring. ASL is fun and opens thousands of doors under her caring teaching style.

I am humbled and grateful to work with a gifted teacher and guide on this silent, dynamic, interactive growth journey. Her purposeful work gives me a vision that I will excel one day and trust me, you will not find a better teacher. Palm Sign Language and Fiorella are a fantastic winning team! I cannot recommend more strongly that you seize the opportunity to collaborate with this company as the experience is transformative."

Matthew Levy

MA, VRC, (BOD VRA Canada)

"I first heard of the course through a friend. She invited me to a workshop where we practiced finger spelling and numbers. It was so fun! Everyone at the zoom meeting was happy and laughing while we all practiced. What a great learning environment. I signed up for the class not long afterwards. The instructor is deeply knowledgeable and patient. We do the classes without using mics, so we must either sign or type, which is challenging but rewarding.I am enjoying this class and glad I took it. "



"Patrizio as a Certified American Sign Language professional pleasantly agreed to stand beside me and Sign a new song of mine for an audience of 700. Patrizio will bring the enjoyment of rhythm in a song to the souls of the unnoticed Deaf and hard of hearing. He is an incredible, trustworthy, and honest patient man.Thank you, Patrizio!"

Gloria-Mae Weir

Educational Administrator & Entrepreneur

"The benefits of my experience in learning ASL from Patrizio can't be understated. He teaches with great civility, dignity and patience, instilling confidence in his students with impeccable lesson management and a highly developed sense of humour. I doubt you will find a more generous instructor of a language that is so eloquent and so expressive. I hold a BA and an MA, so I have met many teachers over the years, but Patrizio is in a league of his own.

Learning ASL has deepened my connection to -and appreciation of - the Deaf culture. Also, learning any new language provides enhanced concentration and creative flexibility. Research has demonstrated that this kind of learning can stave off "mental aging". It is not the fountain of youth, but if you think of your brain as any other muscle in your body, it becomes stronger with use.

I have met several helpful and encouraging people through this; other students, the support team, and teachers, all of whom clearly believe in this endeavour with their whole hearts and who are willing to give their best. I joined this class with my sister, which was just an added bonus!

I am so grateful for this experience and cannot wait to see where it takes me."


ASL Student

"I am a former student of Sign Language Studies interested in updating my skills.

In my search for a teacher, I learned of Patrizio Presenza and his Signing Naturally courses. My classes with Patrizio have been with other students, from beginners to experienced, as well as one-on-one. No matter what level of experience students have, Patrizio’s adeptness shines - guiding each person with skill, knowledge and teachings befit of a highly motivated & caring instructor.

For anyone interested in learning about another culture and language, I recommend Patrizio Presenza as a great teacher with his student’s best interests at heart."


ASL Student

"As a new Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher working toward my qualifications, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Patrizio, the Instructor. I needed 60 hours of ASL training, and he was kind enough to take me on as a student.

During our time working together I learned ASL following the Signing Naturally program. Patrizio is a patient and skilled teacher, and his support and guidance allowed me to learn a new, and challenging, language with ease. I thoroughly enjoyed learning ASL with him and will likely take more classes with him in the future to further my knowledge and abilities. He answered my many questions competently and taught me so much about deaf culture.

I have found the knowledge and skills I gained learning with Patrizio to be invaluable in my interactions with my students as well as staff within my school board. I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed the classes. If you are interested in learning ASL in a fun and supportive environment I would highly recommend Patrizio"!


DHH Teacher

"The mission of Palm Sign Language is to support and enrich the Deaf community and I am incredibly happy to be a part of it. I am now entering my second year of ASL classes and looking forward to meeting more wonderful people along the way. It has been a wonderful experience in many, many ways."

Kathy Pearsall

ASL Student

"Embarking on my ASL learning journey with Patrizio and Fiorella has been truly transformative. Unlike previous experiences, their teaching style fosters a genuine passion for ASL, creating a space for continuous advancement. The personalized attention in small class sizes and one-on-one support has accelerated my progress. I am approaching my one-year milestone almost complete unit 15. I'm committed to completing all 25 units – a testament to the exceptional quality of education provided by this dynamic duo."


ASL Student

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