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Palm Sign Language Ltd. offers professional certified American Sign Language (ASL) courses in an innovative, forward thinking, small class environment. This approach personalizes the experience of learning ASL, allowing the instructor - student relationship to flourish and develop unique lessons to cater to the student.

By sharing this natural and beautiful language with everyone, Palm Sign Language Ltd. aims to ease communication barriers for the Deaf. ASL is a language for everyone of all ages.

Did you know? "The blending of indigenous sign language and French sign language formed the basis of ASL today." (Signing Naturally vi INTRODUCTION)

Patrizio Presenza

President, 2024

Hi, my name is Patrizio Presenza, and I am the President of PALM Sign Languages Ltd. I am Deaf. I use ASL as my first language, and I am an experienced Certified ASL Instructor/Teacher. I grew up with barriers as a child and experienced them firsthand all my life and had to learn how to cope with them. Luckily with supportive parents I went on to Gallaudet University, fell in love with tennis and went on to represent Canada in the Deaf Olympics three times, in Denmark, Australia, and Florida. Along with completing my 4-year degree from Gallaudet University, I also went on to attend York University, and then worked as a Literacy Coordinator for 17 years in Ontario, Canada.

My parents came to Canada from Italy. As immigrants they had no choice but to learn how to cope and overcome barriers like me. They never formally learned ASL but were able to communicate and express their love to me regardless. Fortunately, ASL is 70% facial which explains how my parents managed to communicate with me. They are the inspiration for this company. They were fearless champions at dealing with barriers. Their challenges are like ours in the Deaf community. We honor their lives and share a journey with you.

This is not just ASL or Sign language, it is about coping with barriers, so together with my brother we went on to launch educational workshops weekly. After finding other qualified instructors to help teach ASL to reduce barriers we can say this has been amazing and so has everyone who has supported us. Now it is your turn, and we invite you to learn about our culture and communicate with the Deaf in our very own language.

We invite you to feel what we who are Deaf go through every day! If you are ready for this adventure, join us! Now is your time to learn how to communicate with the Deaf wherever you are!

Fiorella Palermo


"Hi my name is Fiorella and I am a certificated instructor. I am going to be your ASL teacher . Please come to a workshop and learn about the Deaf culture."

Hi, my name is Fiorella. I am now Vice President of Palm SIGN LANGUAGE Ltd. ASL has always been my first language. I am a certificated Deaf ASL Instructor. I am also a proud Deaf mother of three wonderful children who all know ASL. I was born in Sudbury and moved to Milton, Ontario at age 13 to attend Deaf school and I fell in love with ASL. After graduating from High school in 1990, I spent one year and a half year at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. In 1994 I married, moved to Hamilton and I continued my education at Mohawk College. After that I started a business making custom Stained Glass Art, which I have done for over twenty years now.

Growing up was a big challenge with my family. My parents came to Canada from Italy in 1968, knowing zero English. It made it difficult for my parents to teach me ASL when they could barely speak English themselves. We used a lot of lip reading and expression to understand each other.

When we moved to Milton, it made it a lot easier to communicate. Once married I was also able to tutor my children ASL from home. They support me fully and now we can communicate fully in American Sign language. Unfortunately, my siblings and parents never ended up learning "real" ASL so there are still barriers between us. I am now here, happy, and ready to be able to teach others about the language. I would like to invite you to come to a workshop and learn more about ASL and Deaf Culture.

Take a class and really immerse yourself with us. Take your mind off all the daily stresses and use this as a sort of detachment and meditation to bring joy to your life and then share that joy. Meet so many others too who are on the same journey. Not only is learning a second language like ASL a good lifelong skill to have, making one more employable, but knowing ASL helps break down barriers between us, the Deaf and you, with just our hands.

Alessandro E. Presenza

Director of Business Development

My name is Alessandro Enzo Presenza and I am proud to say I have a brilliant Deaf brother who is dedicated and fortunately strong.

Did you know that the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act,
2005, defines a “barrier” as "anything that prevents a person with a disability from fully participating in all aspects of society because of his or her disability, including a physical barrier, an architectural barrier, an information or communications barrier, an attitudinal barrier, a technological barrier, a policy, or a practice.”

This is a very meaningful statement but if we read it carefully we may notice that discrimination has been sadly going on since biblical times right to the present. Most of the time it is unintentional. We know that humans were signing before they could even speak! So why then are there still so many barriers and unfair practices today? A lack of education!

We are removing barriers and the most obvious one is around communication. If we are Deaf, we can expect others to respect our place in the world and provide any needed accommodations. Supporting the Deaf is done by removing communication barriers. We are here to support the Deaf and empower anyone who wants to share their culture. Learning what is Culturally Sensitive Conduct and learning ASL is where we can start.

There are over two hundred signed languages in the world. At Palm Sign Language we build bridges, shape futures, and remove barriers for the Deaf. We are Deaf lead and Deaf owned.

Do you want to teach Sign Language or learn Sign Language? If you are a senior, a child, a parent, an employer, a friend, a student, an essential worker and essential service provider: in politics or in any capacity enthusiastic on any level about equal rights, talk to us to see how we can help.

We welcome your inquiry and look forward to meeting you.

Seeking Instructors

We are seeking freelance ASL INSTRUCTORS and FREELANCE ASL INTERPRETERS with a high business ethic. Join us to make a positive impact on the lives of the Deaf. Let's talk about how you can help.

We have a busy future, and so we can give priority to those applicants that send us a resume. Please visit our Contact Us section. Looking forward to working with you.

I first heard of the course through a friend. She invited me to a workshop where we practiced finger spelling and numbers. It was so fun! Everyone on the zoom meeting was happy and laughing while we all practiced. What a great learning environment. I signed up for the class not long afterwards. The instructor is very knowledgeable and patient. We do the classes without using mic's so we have to either sign or type which is challenging but rewarding. I am enjoying this class and glad I took it.

Jordan Corcoran

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